The 30 Best Book Covers of 2016

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Sex Object

Cover designed by Lynn Buckley

Swing Time

Cover designed by Gray318

The Mother

Cover designed by Robin Bilardello

My Father the Pornographer

Cover designed by Jamie Keenan

The Children's Home

Cover designed by Jaya Miceli

XX: Poems for the Twentieth Century

Cover designed by Sara Wood

The Mothers

Cover designed by Rachel Willey

The Association of Small Bombs

Cover designed by Matt Vee

Freedom Is Space for the Spirit*

Cover illustrated by Greg Ruth

*This is a fantasy novelette that you can read online here.

Sleeping Giants

Cover designed by Faceout Studio with symbols by Charles Brock and illustrations by RYGERSZEM

This is a particularly fun cover, because a cutout in the book jacket reveals a symbol printed on the hardcover. Take off the jacket, and you'll discover more symbols from the story along with mechanical figures on the front (shown) and the back.