Classic Children's Stories with a Minimalist Twist

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Classic Children's Stories with a Minimalist Twist

Let’s face it, children’s stories have the power to captivate us well into adulthood. Just look at the success of Maleficent or Grimm for evidence of our culture’s obsession with the fantastical.

For print artist Christian Jackson, the onset of parenthood four years ago was enough to inspire a new appreciation for fairy tales. Now the father of two little girls, he’s created numerous minimalist posters inspired by classic children’s tales. Paste was so enchanted with Jackson’s images that we caught up with him to ask about the creative process.

“This series was very different from any other project I’ve taken on,” Jackson says. “I was really inspired, and the ideas just started pouring out. I didn’t even really sketch much. It’s very rare that this happens for any artist or designer, and, unfortunately, it hasn’t happened on quite that strong of a level since.” His designs are 100% digital, created using Illustrator and then “textured and lit” in Photoshop

We rounded up some of our favorites above, and you can view more of Jackson’s designs in Volume 1 and Volume 2 of his series.