Five Powerful Quotes from Strength to Love by Martin Luther King, Jr.

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Five Powerful Quotes from <i>Strength to Love</i> by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Strength to Love, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s collection of sermons, boasts an unconventional origin story. Though King had pitched the book to an editor at Harper & Brothers in 1957, it wasn’t until he was forced to spend a fortnight in jail in 1962 that he had time to write. Stanford University’s King Online Encyclopedia explains that after being “arrested for holding a prayer vigil outside Albany City Hall,” he began drafting the sermons in his jail cell.

Harper & Brothers published the book the following year, but not before omitting many of King’s “anti-military and anti-war statements.” This coupled with King’s belief that “a sermon is not an essay to be read but a discourse to be heard” left him concerned for the book’s future. But over 50 years later, Strength to Love remains in print and continues to have a powerful impact on readers.

To celebrate MLK Day, we created a gallery of quotes from the book. Enjoy browsing the images, and click here to view a printer’s proof of the first edition.