The 2015 Gift Guide for Book Lovers: Awesome Gifts Over $20

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The 2015 Gift Guide for Book Lovers: Awesome Gifts Over $20

What do you buy for the bibliophile who already has an overflowing bookshelf? Paste has you covered with 10 creative gift ideas for book lovers. From a poster featuring Shakespearean insults to comfortable t-shirts sporting book covers, these gifts are sure to delight the readers in your life.

For more great gift ideas on a budget, check out our gift guide with items under $20.

Out of Print T-Shirt

Bookworms can be die-hard fans when it comes to certain stories. So instead of buying them yet another copy of Nineteen Eighty-Four, purchase a shirt sporting the book cover instead. Available in men's and women's sizes, Out of Print tees feature dozens of titles—from classics to children's picture books. (Out of Print: $28)

A Grand Treasury of Shakespearean Insults

Maybe you've never felt the urge to yell a Shakespearean diss, but that doesn't make this print any less charming. The Grand Treasury of Shakespearean Insults is a beautifully designed piece featuring gems like "thou damned and luxurious mountain goat" and "most toad-spotted traitor." (Charley Chartwell: $25)

3,000 Classic Books USB Drive

Bulking up on the classics can be the most challenging part of curating a library. The pressure of choosing which iconic titles to purchase is overwhelming, but Innovations makes this task a breeze with its Classic Books USB Drive. Their handy USB contains 3,000 works of literature, from Dickens to Austen, Wilde to Wells and more. (Innovations: $29.95)

Knob Creek Metal Arts Bookends

These handmade, solid steel bookends will add a touch of whimsy to your boring shelves. From a hungry T. rex to a swimming mermaid, these pieces from Knob Creek Metal Arts combine humor and originality into delightful creations. (Knob Creek Metal Arts: $62.99 to $64.99)

Book Map Print

The graphic designers at Dorothy have created a street map using the titles of over 600 books! The Book Map includes classic and contemporary works, so you'll spot the likes of both Wuthering Heights and Harry Potter. A key at the bottom lists every book in the image, as well as the author's name and date published. (Dorothy: $37.65)

Literati Club Infinity Scarf

Sport your love of literature with a scarf featuring an iconic quote from a classic book. From Romeo and Juliet (pictured) to Dracula, Literati Club scarves are screen-printed by hand on soft, jersey fabric. We bet you'll love this cozy scarf so much that you'll want to wear it year-round. (Literati Club: $39.99)

Personalized Story Library Card Print

Highlight the defining moments in your loved one's life with this charming gift. The Library Card Print allows you to personalize up to 16 lines with dates and events, creating a timeless keepsake that is completely unique. A variety of typefaces give it a hand-written feel, and the dates even look like they've been stamped! (Not on the High Street: $34.54)

Litographs Tote Bag

Whether you're visiting the bookstore or the beach, this water-resistant tote bag allows you to carry your essentials in style. Litographs offers totes in dozens of literary designs, and each design is created using the text of a book (like The Wonderful Wizard of Oz pictured here). The average tote features approximately 20,000 words in addition to hiding a handy, five-inch pocket on the inside. (Litographs: $29)

Infinite Jest Diagram Poster

James Ponsoldt's excellent film The End of the Tour has reintroduced a dialogue on David Foster Wallace's work, specifically Infinite Jest, which celebrates its 20th birthday next year. This insanely intricate poster details Infinite Jest's many character relationships, and while it might not make the actual task of reading Wallace's gigantic masterpiece any less daunting, it will sure look stunning on any fan's wall. (Sam Potts: $29.95)

Audible Membership

Maybe you've heard it a million times, but it's worth repeating: we're impressed with Audible. Take the app out on long runs, road trips or work commutes, and soon you'll have listened to some fantastic books. With one free title a month, as well as other perks on additional purchases, a membership with this premium audiobook service is incredible for readers constantly on the go. The service offers three gift options: $45 for a three-month subscription, $90 for a six-month subscription and $150 for a full year. (Audible: $45, $90 or $150)