The 2015 Gift Guide for Book Lovers: Great Gifts Under $20

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The 2015 Gift Guide for Book Lovers: Great Gifts Under $20

What do you buy for the bibliophile who already has an overflowing bookshelf? Paste has you covered with 14 creative gift ideas for book lovers. From temporary literary tattoos to a mug featuring the titles of banned books, these gifts are sure to delight the readers in your life. And with price tags under $20, these great finds won’t break the bank this holiday season.

For more awesome gift ideas, check out our gift guide with items over $20.

Banned Books Mug

Boldly champion the freedom to read—and enjoy your morning coffee at the same time. This mug lists 22 of the world's most famous banned books, including classics like Madame Bovary and contemporary titles like And Tango Makes Three. As an added bonus, it's also dishwasher and microwave safe. (The Unemployed Philosophers Guild: $13.95)

Notepads from Fictional Hotels

From the sinister Overlook Hotel in The Shining to the infamous Great Northern Hotel in Twin Peaks, fictional lodgings in literature and film add depth to iconic stories. Gift a set of these six notepads whisked from the hallowed halls of imaginary hotels to immerse a friend in pop culture history. (Herb Lester Associates: $18)

Literary Pouch

Store just about anything in this canvas pouch featuring a literary design. From Pride and Prejudice to Edgar Allan Poe-ka dots, each pouch sports an iconic book cover or creative image. (Out of Print: $12)

XtraFlex2 LED Book Light

Paste's Books Editor has used this light for late-night reading since high school. With a flexible neck and two brightness settings, the XtraFlex2 clips onto books to create the perfect lighting—and it's available in six colors. (Mighty Bright: $16.99)

Themed Sticky Page Markers

Forget dog-earing pages; create adorable miniature landscapes while marking important passages in your books. Designed by Duncan Shotton, these page markers are available in 11 unique sets ranging from Martian landscapes to Tokyo skylines (complete with tiny Godzillas). (Duncan Shotton Design Studio: $5.95 each)

Book Lovers' Soy Candle

Frostbeard Studio's soy candles immerse book lovers in their favorite scents. Enjoy the smell of tattered pages? Pick up an Old Books candle for a whiff of paper and vanilla. Wish you could frolic with Tolkien's hobbits? You'll love the hint of sweet cherry pipe tobacco in The Shire candle. From Pemberly Gardens to Sherlock's Study, Frostbeard Studio boasts 22 scented candles sure to delight bibliophiles. (Frostbeard Studio: $18)

Book Covered Matchbox

Though cigarettes aren't quite what they used to be in the literary community, here's a gift that still deserves a place for the chronic candle-lighting/book-reading person in your life. Matchmakers, an Oregon-based company, has lighting solutions for fans of Charlotte's Web, The Wizard of Oz, The Great Gatsby and more. (Matchmakers: $3)

Temporary Literary Tattoo

The perfect gift for that friend who's always quoting literature, Litographs temporary tattoos feature famous lines from classic books. From the words of Shakespeare ("brevity is the soul of wit") to Virgil ("fortune favors the bold"), iconic lines paired with gorgeous designs make for stunning tattoos. As an added bonus, sporting temporary ink at holiday gatherings is sure to spark interesting conversation. (Litographs: $5 for a set of 2)

Personal Library Kit

Know a friend who loves lending their favorite reads? Then give them this personal library kit to help them keep track of their books! The set includes 20 self-adhesive pockets, 20 library cards, a date stamp, an inkpad and a pencil. (House 8810: $15)

Scrabble Magnet Set

Turn your fridge into a competitive game of Scrabble with these charming word tiles. This set of 112 magnets includes bonus blocks and blank tiles in addition to multiples of every letter from A to Z. (ModCloth: $12.99)