The Best Comic Book Covers of October 2014

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The Best Comic Book Covers of October 2014

To celebrate the gorgeous visual innovation occurring in comic stores both physical and digital, Paste will be collecting its favorite comic book covers every month.

October ushers in a darker color palette as autumn and Halloween sweep the sunshine and smiles of summer into a nine-month coma. The covers featured above examine a spectrum of the supernatural and macabre, but one artist begs a very specific question: what the hell is going on inside Juan Ferreyra’s head? His portrait/nightmare insurance of Colder: The Bad Seed #1 has no right to be as technically disturbing as it is. Fingers? They’re great. But if opposable digits separate man from beast, just add a few hundred more, mold them into a cruel, misshapen mockery of a face, and you have an atrocity that could drive H.P. Lovecraft into therapy. To say the least, new villain Swivel is a very hand-some man (sorry).

On a lighter note, Paste’s favorite webcomic icon The Abominable Charles Christopher writer/artist Karl Kerschl returns to the printed page with Gotham Academy while Jock has partnered with Scott Snyder to introduce a new generation of Wytches, which sports a deliciously textured debut.