The Many Faces of Pride and Prejudice: 10 Diverse Book Covers

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The Many Faces of <i>Pride and Prejudice</i>: 10 Diverse Book Covers

Today, Jane Austen’s iconic novel Pride and Prejudice celebrates the 203rd anniversary of its first printing. An international bestseller boasting 20 million copies sold and multiple film adaptations (including next week’s Pride and Prejudice and Zombies), the story follows Elizabeth Bennet as she navigates family life and a romance with Mr. Darcy in Regency England.

In honor of the book’s “birthday,” we collected 10 diverse covers representing the many faces of Pride and Prejudice. Enjoy browsing the gallery, and consider reading the novel here.

The Peacock Edition

Year Published: 1894
Description: Boasting one of the most recognizable covers, the Peacock edition designed by Hugh Thomson still remains popular today among Pride and Prejudice merchandise.

Movie Tie-Ins

Year Published: 1940
Description: This cover sports a still from the 1940 film adaptation starring Laurence Olivier and Greer Garson. You can also find covers with images from the BBC miniseries in 1995 and the film starring Keira Knightley in 2005.

Vintage Minimalism

Year Published: 2007
Description: Part of Random House UK's Vintage Classics series, this Pride and Prejudice cover depicts a minimalist Jane and Elizabeth Bennet.

Zombie Mayhem

Year Published: 2009
Description:Seth Grahame-Smith catalyzed the classic literature/monster mash-up trend with the release of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in 2009. The book has since become an international bestseller, and the film adaptation hits theaters next week.

Marvel Graphic Novel

Year Published: 2009
Description: The first of Marvel's comic book adaptations of Jane Austen novels, this edition of Pride and Prejudice has a cover illustrated by Sonny Liew to resemble a magazine.

Twilight Makeover

Year Published: 2009
Description: Riding the wave of Twilight mania, HarperTeen gave Austen's classic novel a makeover to appeal to fans of the franchise.

A is for Austen

Year Published: 2012
Description: Penguin kicked off their Drop Caps series, a collection of 26 hardbacks designed by Jessica Hische, with Austen's most popular novel.

A Cozy Classic

Year Published: 2012
Description: This kid-friendly board book from Cozy Classics tells Austen's beloved story in only 12 words—with adorable needle-felted illustrations to boot.

Watercolor Wonder

Year Published: 2012
Description: Sara Singh's gorgeous illustrations grace the covers of Splinter's Classic Lines series, including this edition of Pride and Prejudice.

Faux Pulp

Year Published: 2013
Description: "Lock up your daughters…Darcy's in town!" Reminiscent of pulp paperbacks from the 1950s, this cover from Pulp! The Classics sports an illustrated Mr. Darcy (who looks like Colin Firth from the BBC miniseries).