Wendy by Walter Scott Review

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<i>Wendy</i> by Walter Scott Review

Writer & Artist: Walter Scott
Publisher: Koyama
Release Date: November 8, 2014

Previously published in Penguin Random House Canada’s online mag, Hazlitt, Walter Scott’s Wendy comics present a sort-of field guide to Millennial scenesters. Crudely drawn with shading that calls to mind early versions of MacPaint, the strip’s happenings are no less rough and dirty. The titular Wendy makes art of some sort or another (Scott elects to leave it vague). She bums around a city that seems to be Montreal, which is unsurprisingly where Scott began work on the character. Wendy parties hard, makes regrettable decisions, spends plenty of time in bed eating pizza and watching Netflix and swings between wild ambition and destructive cluelessness. In other words, she is young and, therefore, at the point in her life where she does and can make many mistakes.