Adventure Time and Mad Max Collide in This Animated Mash-up

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Mad Max: Fury Road didn’t set any box office records, but no movie this summer has inspired more internet chatter or viral gewgaws than George Miller’s artsy action flick. To wit: Egor Zhgun’s Madventure Time recreates the Mad Max trailer with the characters and style of Adventure Time. The Ice King pops up as Immortan Joe, Marceline the Vampire Queen shoots flames as the Doof Warrior, and there’s enough fan service to satisfy fans of both the movie and the cartoon. If this was just fan service we wouldn’t be writing about it, though. Zhgun recognizes the similarities between this very adult movie and surreal kids’ show, and has created a short work that effortlessly invokes and comments on both. It also just looks cool. Take a look for yourself above.