Watch Stephen Colbert and Anthony Scaramucci Go Head-to-Head on Late Show

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As one of the Trump administration’s more tolerable individuals, we were sad that Anthony Scaramucci’s run as the press secretary was short-lived. In the 11 days he informally held the title, people—Stephen Colbert especially—were excited that Scaramucci would be fielding reporters’ questions in the White House pressroom. Apparently missing his candor, Colbert invited The Mooch to sit down and have a little discussion about Nazis and Steve Bannon on The Late Show, and it didn’t disappoint.

Colbert’s band welcomed The Mooch with a quick rendition of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” a nod to Colbert’s performance of the song in which he replaced “Scaramouche” with “Scaramucci.” The Mooch had a sense of humor from the get-go, suggesting the boos he received were actually supportive shouts of “Mooch.” He then made a less tasteful joke, telling Colbert that he was “like Arya Stark” in that he has a kill list, only his is comprised of Late Show writers. Hilarious!

Colbert led with a simple question, asking Scaramucci if Nazis are “good or bad.” The Mooch replied, “Super bad,” so we award one gold star to him. If he collects five gold stars, he can trade them in for a prize from the Paste treasure box. Scaramucci then went on to defend Trump’s lack of condemnation of Nazis, and we can’t understand why The Mooch is still flattering him. He knows he got fired, right?

Like us, Colbert can’t seem to wrap his head around why it took Trump two days to condemn Nazis. He asks Scaramucci if Trump “orders his spine on Amazon Prime,” which is a legitimate question. He also asks him about what’s going on in the White House because “from the outside, it looks like a dumpster fire.” Scaramucci confirms there was “a lot of infighting,” which is a former communications director’s way of saying it’s a total dumpster fire.

Scaramucci earned some cheers when he said he would fire White House Chief Strategist and former Breitbart executive Steve Bannon. For this, we award him another gold star.

Watch The Mooch and Colbert go head-to-head above and below.

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