Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Urge Spring Breakers to Stay Home from His Jacuzzi

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Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger Urge Spring Breakers to Stay Home from His Jacuzzi

In the last week, we’ve seen a slew of PSAs from celebrities (as well as an already-legendary faux pas from our favorite spring breaker) urging people to stay home and social distance during the coronavirus outbreak. Former California Governor and sci-fi legend Arnold Schwarzenegger chimed in Wednesday from his jacuzzi in his L.A. home doing just that, and thankfully, it was a lot less cringe-inducing than it could have been.

Clutching a cigar and donning a trucker hat that reads “sheriff,” he takes a long puff and tells us he’s just finished a bike ride. Shortly after, his tiny, well-groomed dog Cherry enters the frame. “I just keep staying at home. Away from the crowds, and away from outside,” he continues. He’s telling us this because people are still going to bars, going to restaurants and, recently, going to Miami for Spring Break, despite all signs pointing to that being a horrible idea. “You got to follow this order,” Schwarzenegger commands. “Put that cookie down!” Somehow, we feel extremely compelled to never leave our homes again. It’s effective—the PSA we need right now.

Perhaps from his experience acting in dystopian films such as Total Recall, or his noted caution as California’s 38th governor (he ran as a Republican, lest we forget), Schwarzenegger seems to be taking the threat of the virus pretty seriously. Lucky for him, he has his dog, Cherry, mini-horse Whiskey, and mini-donkey Lulu to keep him company. It’s the social distancing we all wish we could be a part of. Together, we can terminate COVID-19 once and for all, and hopefully, it won’t be back in the fall.

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