This Baroness Von Sketch Show Exclusive Clip Reminds Us that Nazis Are Bad, Actually

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This <i>Baroness Von Sketch Show</i> Exclusive Clip Reminds Us that Nazis Are Bad, Actually

Baroness Von Sketch Show’s fifth and final season continues marching along on IFC, with the latest episode premiering this Wednesday, Nov. 4, at 12 a.m. ET/PT. Yes, it’ll be the first episode to air after the election, and in this quick preview you can see the Canadian sketch show has deeply relevant sociopolitical questions on its mind. To with: white supremacy is bad, actually.

This sketch is the kind of thing Baroness Von Sketch Show does so well. It’s a passive aggressive comedy of manners about an opinion that, until very recently, was apparently shared by all members of polite society, and how a group of friends can be driven to squabbling by a holier-than-thou statement that shouldn’t be even remotely controversial. It captures one of the fundamental dilemmas of today: Nazism has been the height of banal evil, the refuge of pure and irredeemable villains, for so long that it’s unthinkable anybody outside of hopeless, fringe-of-society neo-Nazis wouldn’t view it that way today. Like, nobody should have made to make a big production out of how they think Nazis are bad. And yet we do live during a time when white supremacy and fascism are on the rise. So clearly there are a significant number of people out there who don’t agree that Nazis are bad, and are increasingly okay with publicly revealing that info. It’s frustrating and frightening and hurts to think about, and also makes for a good springboard for a smart, tricky comedy sketch. Check it out below.