The Funniest Tweets About Bill O'Reilly's Firing

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The Funniest Tweets About Bill O'Reilly's Firing

Outlasting Bill O’Reilly is no big feat. He’s older, angrier, jowlier and more pear-shaped than most of his critics, presumably, and that’s the kind of combination that can shorten a person’s timeline, both physically and in terms of remaining active in front of the TV cameras. Still, few people probably imagined that the Fox News blovocrat and inexplicable ratings champ would be abruptly forced out, but that’s apparently happening, as Fox News is reportedly giving Bill O’Reilly the boot this week after another one of those sexual harassment scandals that are all the rage with powerful men.

Our Baby Boomer dads might all be in (heavily repressed, externally emotionless, whiskey-soaked) mourning this week for their racist, sexist, constantly spinning no-spinner, but for a wide cross-section of America today, this is reason to celebrate. There’s no better place to find that joyous expression of schadenfreude than the formerly popular website and app known as Twitter, whose users, both prominent and obscure, came together to exult in the withered career of the man noted conservative pundit Stephen Colbert (who also similarly disappeared from TV) affectionately called “Papa Bear.”

These are the funniest tweets about Bill O’Reilly getting canned by Fox News. That feeling you have right now? It’s called freedom.

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