Billy Eichner Challenges Patton Oswalt to "Does Shakira Know What This Is?"

Comedy Video Billy Eichner
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Thanks to videos like “Would You Have Sex with Paul Rudd?” and “It’s Not Pitbull – It’s Amy Poehler,” actor, comedian and master shouter Billy Eichner is quickly becoming America’s favorite guerrilla game show host. But while Eichner usually gives his absurdist questions to random pedestrians, the latest installment of “Billy On the Street” puts comic Patton Oswalt under the gun. Or it does eventually after about three minutes of Eichner yelling about Ratatouille.

In a segment that’s exactly what it sounds like, Oswalt plays “Does Shakira Know What This Is?” by answering whether Colombian pop singer Shakira is aware of various objects and ideas, such as “Hot Pockets,” “traffic cones” and “Werner Herzog.” Of course, it’s Eichner himself who has decided whether Sharika knows what words like “Syria” mean, so it’s a bit debatable how accurate the test is. Nevertheless, you should check it out above, if only to see the most passionate debate in history over whether Sharika can reboot her computer.