Keith Olbermann's Anti-Trump Rant Given the BoJack Horseman Treatment

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Keith Olbermann, the outspoken sports journalist turned political commentator, plays a version of himself on Netflix’s BoJack Horseman. Tom Jumbo-Grumbo is a blue whale who anchors for MSNBSea and seems to be self-righteously angry about everything he reports on.

Fans Michael Yunez and John Pirruccello have combined the two, using a recent video Olbermann made for his GQ show The Closer and some edited video from BoJack Horseman, to give us a look at what it’d be like if Jumbo-Grumbo had to take on Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Olbermann himself tweeted the video, saying, “I love this. Satirizing me satirizing myself using my own non-satirical material.” If appearing on BoJack wasn’t enough proof, Olbermann clearly has a sense of humor about himself.

You can see Olbermann’s tweet below. Tom Jumbo-Grumbo’s take on Trump is embedded above.

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