Video: Bryan Cranston Momentarily Joined a "Grown-Man Band"

Comedy Video Bryan Cranston
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Bryan Cranston has already proven to us that he’s about as versatile an actor as they come between his roles on Malcolm in the Middle and Breaking Bad, but now he’s proving that he can sing and dance like a ‘90s boy band star too.

Welcome to the world of M3n Not Boyz.

Think of an aged Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, crooning his way into middle-aged womens’ hearts everywhere. Backed by Reggie Watts (who really has some vocal chops) and James Corden (this WAS on the Late Late Show, after all), the trio sang “”I Can’t Be Your Boy (Cuz I’m a Grown Man)”. The dry ice fog was a nice touch, along with the Backstreet Boys-esque white matching outfits. These guys clearly did some extensive research on boy bands (dance moves included) and that alone should make you want to watch.