Watch Bryan Cranston Struggle to Say "Badonkadonk" on The Tonight Show

Comedy Video Bryan Cranston
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Bryan Cranston’s celebrated work on Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle has proven he’s just as adept at drama as comedy, but there’s still one field where the actor could use a little help: dated hip-hop slang. Visiting The Tonight Show to promote the upcoming Godzilla, Cranston proved his fundamental middle-aged white guy-ness last night when he tried (and failed) to pronounce “badonkadonk.”

It was all thanks to Jimmy Fallon, who challenged Cranston to a game called “Word Sneak,” where each would try to slip assigned phrases like “guacamole” and “Patrick Duffy” into their interview. Unfortunately for Cranston, one of these words was “badonkadonk,” a slang term that peaked in popularity around the same time as Nelly. As far as we can tell, the actor ends up saying “batta-kon-donk,” which could still probably describe a butt, just not a very good one. Check it out above.