The Funniest Tweets about the Cats Movie Trailer

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The Funniest Tweets about the <i>Cats</i> Movie Trailer

Here is the trailer for the upcoming movie based on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats musical. Warning: looking at it for too long might drive you insane.

I have nothing else to say about that. I don’t know what anybody could say about that. That’s ironic, yes, because this entire piece is just a collection of what people have had to say about this trailer. That’s the power of the Cats trailer: It simultaneously leaves you speechless while also driving you to tweet about it incessantly.

If this messed up world doesn’t kill us first, Cats will clearly finish the job when it opens on Dec. 20.

Here are the best tweets about Cats. They’re all perfect and yet all somehow lacking. Making fun of Cats is the easiest thing in the world but it’s also truly impossible. Nobody can make fun of Cats because Cats is utterly impervious to everything. Never has humanity made something that’s so thoroughly unconcerned with whether anybody in the world actually asked for it or not. That confidence is so charming, so commanding, that it somehow made Cats one of the hugest musicals ever. Cats doesn’t care if we like it or not, and that’s why so many people love it.

Anyway, read the tweets, already.

Erin Ryan (@morninggloria) probably has the best single thread about it. Enjoy.