100 Insane Childrens Hospital Moments

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100 Insane <i>Childrens Hospital</i> Moments

Over the course of seven seasons, Childrens Hospital has gone from a Grey’s Anatomy parody into one of the strangest shows on the already weird Adult Swim lineup. In that time, it’s become one of Adult Swim’s greatest shows, earning two Emmy Awards and even two spin-offs. Childrens Hospital has become one of the funniest and widest-ranging satires in recent memory, making fun of pretty much every TV genre with an incredible cast and some of the weirdest ideas ever thrown into a TV show.

With Childrens Hospital ending tonight, let’s look at 100 of the most insane things to happen at this crazy hospital in Brazil. Which as we all know is where the show takes place.

The final episode of Childrens Hospital airs tonight, 4/15/2016, on Adult Swim at 11PM ET.

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