The Funniest Christmas Tweets of 2016

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The Funniest Christmas Tweets of 2016

O Christmas tweets, O Christmas tweets,
I hate myself for writing that.

Before we get replaced by somebody who can actually write an intro worth a damn, let’s quickly run through the funniest tweets about the Christmas holiday that just passed. It was the one on Sunday, which somehow made it feel less like a real Christmas, since we’re already off work and in church all day every day on Sundays, so the only thing that really made it feel different was having to tear colorful paper off of a bunch of Amazon boxes that had the mailing labels crossed out in Sharpie. (Christmas is all about that paper, specifically tearing it to pieces and balling it up and throwing it towards the garbage bag your sister-in-law is holding up and totally missing every single time.) Christmas is a special time of year where things happen with the people they happen to, and this hilarious collection of tweets really captures that deep-down special feeling of the mystical Christmas morn. Thanks be to these wise men (and women!):