ClickHole Joins the Fight Against Drumpf with the Launch of ResistanceHole

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<i>ClickHole</i> Joins the Fight Against Drumpf with the Launch of <i>ResistanceHole</i>

The populist movement that spawned the rise of President Trump, and his subsequent attempts to undermine the progress and democratic process of the U.S. since he took office now have a new ally in the form of absurdist comedy outlet ClickHole’s latest offshoot, ResistanceHole.

Yes, the people that brought you PatriotHole, the internet’s strangest combatant against the liberal media machine, now has a pulpit to levy its unique brand of attacks against the common enemy now forever known as “Drumpf.” The new site announced its presence with a purposeful letter addressed to Drumpf himself, promising that it will be his “new worst nightmare.”

It reads:

Mr. Drumpf (President Trump), you should be very afraid, because ResistanceHole is going to fight alongside our beloved hero and legal father, the Honorable Detective Robert Mueller, to kick your orange ass out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue so fast you’ll be making pee tapes with the KGB in hell by lunchtime … When ResistanceHole is done with you, sir, the only “travel ban” will be the one keeping your gargantuan Oompa Loompa ass from getting into heaven.

It seems that the #Resistance has company, and now, through a Krassenstein-esque fixation on likes and shares, we can move closer to reclaiming the nation’s once-bright future and social media platforms: “As long as you’re clicking, we don’t really care.”