Conan and Ron Funches Go Super Saiyan with Dragon Ball Legends in New Clueless Gamer Segment

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Conan and Ron Funches Go Super Saiyan with <i>Dragon Ball Legends</i> in New Clueless Gamer Segment

Conan’s most popular segment is back with a hilarious take on the new mobile game Dragon Ball Legends. For his latest “Clueless Gamer” video, Conan is joined by comedian Ron Funches, who helps him learn the ins and outs of mobile gaming and the complex Dragon Ball Z universe.

Of course the duo eventually get around to playing the game, but the best laughs come in the lead-up, as Funches schools Conan on all things Dragon Ball. His description of protagonist Goku alone will be enough to have you in stitches: “He is the world’s greatest fighter but not a great dad, ‘cause he always is either leaving his kid to fend for himself or he’s dead.” And then there’s Conan’s introduction to the character Majin Buu: “Oh my God,” the host deadpans upon first seeing the muscly pink fighter. “It’s a penis.”

Biggest props go to the Conan video editors, though, for all the work they did to make the host and Funches go Super Saiyan. In a hilarious bit, the two activate the mythical superpowered state by screaming, and the crew took great care to adorn them with spiky yellow hair and anime explosions in post.

Though Funches plays Legends for about an hour every day (in between his other games), Conan eventually trounces him in a mobile face-off at the end of the segment. Check out that unlikely victory and more in the delightful segment, below.