Colbert Says Goodbye to Jeb Bush

Comedy Video
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The Late Show with Stephen Colbert will keep sailing on, but it’ll never be the same now that the latest Bush that would be president has dropped out of the race. Not only did we lose a candidate, but we’ve lost Colbert’s chipper exhortations of Jeb!, soft J and everything. Sure, he can no doubt wring a few more doleful Jeb!s out during the length of the campaign, and perhaps Bush will do something especially sad enough to warrant mention on all kinds of late night comedy shows, but with the passing of Bush’s dream so passes one of the signature lines of Colbert’s campaign coverage. If it wasn’t for Trump and Cruz and Hillary and Sanders and every other candidate still in the race and all of America and the entire absurd political system that preys upon us, Colbert maybe wouldn’t have anything funny to talk about ever again. As it is we’ll miss our dear, sweet Jeb!