Dan Harmon On Rick and Morty's Third Season and That Community Movie

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While we had Dan Harmon on the line for our Harmonquest feature, Paste wanted to clear up a couple of internet rumors about his other beloved shows, including clarity around the release date of Rick & Morty’s third season. Kept under wraps, some sites are reporting the show is scheduled for an August release. “That I can squash. I don’t see any parallel universe where August is a possibility,” Harmon says. “We’re a while from being able to give a hard date. Part of that is just that we’re still figuring it out as we work over here… And the other part of it is that it’s not our right to say because the network has their own strategies.”

And after a recent interview with Larry King, in which Harmon discussed the possibility of a Community movie, the web buzzed with headlines like, “A Community Movie Will Happen.”

Harmon says that it’s part of the current clickbait culture. “I’m as certain that [a movie] needs to happen and that it probably will happen given the love behind that show, the passion of the performers involved, and the likelihood of it having an audience should it happen. It seems likely to me that it is an inevitability, but boy, that sure is different from saying, ‘It is happening.’”

The only thing Paste knows for sure is that Harmon’s newest show, Harmonquest, is out on Seeso now.

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