Watch Dana Carvey Flash Some Presidential Impressions on Conan

Comedy Video Dana Carvey
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SNL alum and Garth Ulgar of Wayne’s World Dana Carvey seems to have a lot of time on his hands: Besides his Netflix stand-up special and the occasional cameo in films such as Adam Sandler’s Sandy Wexler, Carvey isn’t leaving much of a public footprint nowadays. Still, as his appearance last night on Conan demonstrates, his impressions are still sharp as a tack.

Carvey clearly had an idea of how he wanted his interview to go: He first launched into a Trump impression, which he understands as a mix between Marlon Brando and Regis Philbin. He then treated the audience to what he imagines Richard Nixon’s Twitter would have been like, an anecdote about Jimmy Carter’s peanut butter obsession, his impression of Ronald Reagan reacting to ISIS and, finally, a recreation of Obama’s Tahitian travels.

Carvey’s impressions are, as always, spot on. Watch the clip above, and check out some more where that came from below.