The Funniest Democratic National Convention Tweets, Night Four

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The Funniest Democratic National Convention Tweets, Night Four

We made it! Thank God. Here’s the last of these things for another four years. Or—damn. There’s an entire another party, isn’t there? I guess keep an eye out for more of these next week, or the week after, whenever the Republican National Convention is. Hell. Does England have to put up with like 12 of these things, or however many parties they actually have?

Biden’s speech tonight was great. It was infinitely more powerful and moving than anything Donald Trump has ever said in his entire life. I won’t even try to make one of the typical hackneyed attempts at Morning Zoo-style humor you’d typically see in these torturous tweet gallery intros. Dude knocked it out of the park at the exact right moment—like David Justice in Game 6 of the 1995 World Series. It’s impossible to see how anybody who isn’t already hopelessly devoted to Trump or the GOP could have watched that speech and thought “nah, the other dude is better.” Unthinkable. But so much has been unthinkable in this country for so long that no outcome of this election would shock me.

So you know the drill: the Democrats have a convention. People tweet jokes about it. We grab the funniest or best or, uh, most viral-seeming ones and toss ‘em up on the old home page. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship we’ve got going on here. Thanks for keeping it running.

Read the tweets, follow the tweeters, and good luck with whatever sort of business you’re dealing with in your daily life these days.