Seth Meyers Takes "A Closer Look" at Last Night's Debate

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Seth Meyers Takes "A Closer Look" at Last Night's Debate

Paste has a lot you can read about last night’s Democratic debate, from Shane Ryan’s informed recap of Sanders and Warren’s great night, to a news post about Marianne Williamson’s post-debate surge in Google searches, to the office fool’s hastily assembled collection of tweets written by people who are smarter, funnier, healthier, and better-looking than him. If you’re into words and moving your eyes from left to right, and want to know what to think about last night’s display, we’ve got you covered.

If you don’t want to move your eyes, though—or just plain don’t want to use them at all—you can keep ‘em steady or entirely shut as you catch up on this business through one of your local late night hosts. Seth Meyers, specifically, did another one of this patented A Closer Look bits about the debate, dedicating a solid 15 minutes of live broadcast TV to his very late night-style jokes about the thing. If you’re in the market for some low hanging fruit comedy with just a tiny bit of a bite to it—ie, the standard Meyers experience—check out the full segment below. And don’t forget there’s another debate tonight, meaning even more late night shenanigans afterward.

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