John Oliver Grapples with Trump's Election in this Entire Episode of Last Week Tonight

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Such is the extent of the crisis that Donald Trump’s election poses for our country that HBO took the unprecedented step of posting an entire episode of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver to YouTube immediately after it concluded on the east coast. Okay, that’s a little glib, especially on a night when Trump announced an anti-Semite would be his chief strategist. And it’s not like shows like Last Week Tonight have any power to influence the nation, as Trump winning the race resoundingly proved last week. But it’s crucial for the media to detail what’s happening in open, plain, unafraid language, and since once legitimate news outlets like CNN, the broadcast networks and most daily newspapers have proven themselves utterly incapable of fulfilling their obligation to the public, we’ll have to take what we can get. And John Oliver, as usual, is pretty damn great in his assessment of what this means, how we got here and where we need to go from here. Watch the entire episode above, and let’s hope America (and the world) can make it through a Trump presidency unscathed.

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