The Funniest Tweets About Sam Nunberg (Updated)

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The Funniest Tweets About Sam Nunberg (Updated)

UPDATED AT 10:16 PM ET ON MARCH 5: As Nunberg has continued to give interviews across the cable news spectrum (including one on CNN where Erin Burnett claimed to smell alcohol on his breath), Twitter has continued to pump out some respectable jokes about the guy. I mean, yeah, at this point it’s just become sad—clearly Nunberg needs somebody who loves him to interject and prevent him from this live action meltdown. At the same time it’s a little difficult to feel too much sympathy for anybody involved with Trump’s campaign or administration. As such we’ve added more tweets to this here gallery. Find them immediately after the intro below. (It’s the same old intro. Sorry.)

In further proof that the entire Trump presidency might be some kind of elaborate TV show prank on the American people, former Trump campaign staffer Sam Nunberg called in to both MSNBC and CNN today to basically make sure his complete mental breakdown was televised for posterity. Our crack Politics team has a full rundown, and you can watch the MSNBC interview in full here. Basically Nunberg announced that he’s refusing to comply with the subpoena that was sent to him by the Mueller investigation, and that he thinks Trump “may have done something during the election” with the Russians. So Nunberg’s willing to go to prison to not testify in front of a grand jury, but he’ll just call up Katy Tur live on the air and tell her that he’s pretty sure Trump is guilty of something. Oh, he also asked Jake Tapper for legal advice live on the air during his CNN chat. This might all sound unbelievable, but I mean, the guy did work in the Trump campaign, so literally nothing is unbelievable at this point.

Within minutes of the start of Nunberg’s ridiculous MSNBC appearance his name shot to the top of the trending topics on Twitter, where it’s remained all afternoon. The jokes are good here, my friend. Easy, sure, but also good. And funny. And worth reading. Here they are: the jokes.

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