Roastmaster General Jeff Ross Confirms Trump is "Super Sensitive" to Bankruptcy Jokes

Comedy Video
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Make fun of his hair, make fun of his face, but you just can’t make fun of Donald Trump’s money.

The Roastmaster General himself, Jeff Ross, told Jimmy Kimmel about the Republican presidential nominee’s thin skin when it comes to his business struggles. (Previous Trump roaster Anthony Jeselnik told THR the same in June, explaining, “Trump’s one rule was ‘don’t say I have less money then I say I do.’”)

Ross also told Kimmel a story of the writing process for a certain joke to be told during Comedy Central’s roast of Trump in 2011:

The writers were sending him his jokes, and one of them said, “What’s the difference between a wet squirrel and Donald Trump?” The punchline was, “A wet squirrel doesn’t have $2 billion.” He wrote back, “Make it $10 billion.” The writers wrote back, “How about $4 billion?” It became a business negotiation. They settled on $7 billion. He didn’t care that they were making fun of his hair.

Watch Ross’s segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live above to hear more about roasting Trump, even though America has now become the joke.