The Funniest Tweets About NBC's Horrifying Commander-in-Chief Forum

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The Funniest Tweets About NBC's Horrifying Commander-in-Chief Forum

Last night a TV host who Vince McMahon once fired from a failed bodybuilding show before it even started got to moderate a forum with the country’s two leading presidential candidates. The Today Show’s Matt Lauer, best known for reading jokes for children at Thanksgiving parades and somehow convincing NBC to regularly fund his globe-spanning vacations, asked Hillary Clinton various versions of the only question he was apparently programmed with (it has to do with electronic mail) before having a light, friendly, uninquisitive chat with Donald Trump about how great Russian dictators are and how Trump’s secret plans are the best plans ever. Obviously Lauer didn’t want to press Trump on his lies about his opposition to the Iraq invasion, or his possible bribe of Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi to prevent an investigation into Trump University, or why Trump apparently thinks rape is unavoidable in a military made up of both men and women, or what Trump meant when he said America’s generals had been “reduced to rubble.” That would be work, and he still had to prep for this morning’s piece on picking the fastest supermarket line before going to bed. And Lauer probably realizes that nothing he or NBC could say or do would really have an impact on this election. The people who will vote for Trump most likely weren’t watching, waiting to get their unbiased (and unflinchingly pro-Trump) recaps from the likes of Breitbart or Sean Hannity this morning, in between new conspiratorial screeds over how two coughing fits and a stumble up some stairs prove that Clinton is sick and will die two days after the election.

Last night was a disaster for Lauer and NBC and the media in general. It should be seen as a disaster for Trump but he’s so thoroughly insulated by the right-wing media and the blind support of its followers that there’s not much that could be a true disaster for him. The only slight consolation comes from trying to laugh at how hilariously depressing the entire situation is, and as always Twitter can help with that. Here are some of the funniest tweets about last night’s event, from the following folks: