People Play Pokémon Go For the First Time with Comedian Eli Yudin

Comedy Video Eli Yudin
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So… have you heard about this Pokémon Go thing?

Okay, of course you have. It is somehow probably the biggest pop culture story of the year so far, at least in terms of sheer media coverage. It’ll probably burn itself out by the end of the summer, if not sooner, but until then expect more stories of Pokémon-crazed mobs descending upon public spaces or trespassing or finding dead bodies or maybe getting mugged.

Now, if you’ve never played it, and you’re wondering just what in the world a Pokémon is, here’s a short video to help you get your bearing. Comedian Eli Yudin, who performed at a Paste Comedy night, emceed a few others, and has also written for Paste, finds strangers on the streets of New York who have never played this version of Pokémon and introduces them to the fad that has conquered parts of the world.