The Funniest Reactions to Trump's Fake News Trophy Tweet

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The Funniest Reactions to Trump's Fake News Trophy Tweet

Look, we’re sorry that we keep darkening your screens with the latest bit of ridiculous bullshit from our favorite leaking trash bag of a president. If you’re like us, you’ve probably had enough stress and guff from this fool to last a life time. But as long as he just keeps being himself we’ll have a constant stream of unthinkable nonsense to sift through. (I almost wrote “as long as he keeps topping himself like he did this morning” but like there’s really no topping himself as far as this guy is concerned, is there? There’s just a constant daily stream of embarrassments that alternate between the darkly hilarious and the legitimately frightening, with no variation in tone or tenor—they are all equally funny or scary, and sometimes both at once. Dude’s consistent, is what I’m saying.)

So this morning the president of the United States of America—the guy this country elected to be its actual, for-real, no-take-backs leader—proposed a competition to find the winner of a “Fake News Trophy.” One mainstream news source would win that, and of course that’s the only 24 hour cable channel Trump specifically said would NOT be a part of this “contest,” Fox News. Just read this thing for yourself—after all, if you’ve read this far, you already probably hate yourself as much as you do Trump.

That's the thing he said today. It'll be just one of several ridiculous things Trump says and does today. The latest pit stop on an endless race billions of miles below the bottom.

Once again in times like this we turn to Twitter for at least the tiniest modicum of solace. Take the most infinitesimal comfort from the folks below dogpiling on our balled-up Whopper wrapper of a president, and wait an hour or so for the next completely exhausting stunt from this guy.