Famous Stand-Up Comics Destroy Hecklers: A Video That Will Bring You Joy

Comedy Video
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NOTE: The video below is extremely not safe for work! Do not play it unless your bosses and co-workers like hearing lots of swear words!

Hecklers have the ability to sabotage a stand-up performance, and it’s always very unfortunate when it happens. But when the comic strikes back, the humiliating revenge is so, so sweet. In the video above, comedians like Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Eddie Murphy, George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Patton Oswalt, Mitch Hedberg, and so many more show that you really, really don’t want to mess with a comedian on his or her game. (And when I say “many more,” I mean it—they seem to have landed almost every famous stand-up in history on here, short of Lenny Bruce.)

Enjoy the video—again, it is 100% not safe for work—and use it as a cautionary tale the next time you think about heckling a comic.