Full Trailer for Hulu’s Difficult People is Released

Comedy Video
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Hulu is joining in as a critical contender in the streaming race amongst Netflix and Amazon.

A new comedy series, produced by Amy Poehler, is set to premiere this August. Titled Difficult People, the series follows two best friends, portrayed by Billy Eichner and Julie Klausner, whose behavior causes them to be—you guessed it—difficult people!

The trailer is chock-full of appearances from famous actors including: Martin Short, Kate McKinnon, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers, Amy Sedaris and more. From looking at this trailer, it seems to be Hulu’s big shout to the world that they’re now making a quality series. Hulu has had original programming before, but they’re definitely playing catch up against other streaming services. Maybe this will be the show that makes Hulu a serious streaming player.

Difficult People premieres Aug. 5 on Hulu.