The Funniest Inauguration Tweets

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The Funniest Inauguration Tweets

It’s official: Donald Trump is no longer our president. Joe Biden took the oath of office shortly before noon Eastern time today, at an inauguration that was understandably more low-key than usual due to the pandemic. Biden gave another fine, sturdy speech about restoring America and trying to unite us, and even though it was his day, he wasn’t really what grabbed most viewers’ attention. How could any president hope to steal the spotlight from Lady Gaga or Jennifer Lopez, who both sang songs from the podium? Or even Bernie Sanders, who was the runaway viral hit of the whole shindig, as you’ll see below. All along the Biden presidency has promised a return to normalcy, and if today’s tweets about the inauguration are any indication, that’s already underway, with a president who doesn’t go out there constantly making a fool of himself.

Anyway. Here are the funniest tweets about the 2020 presidential inauguration, written by some of the best and funniest minds on Twitter. Follow ‘em all, and see you here again in four years.

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