Funniest Tweets of the Week

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Funniest Tweets of the Week

March is over, spring is here, and we’ve got a gallery of tweets that makes it all worthwhile. April Fool’s Day included such highlights as “brands trying to be funny” and “brands apologizing for jokes that broke bad.” Thanks to Google’s mic drop Gmail prank that provided both. It was a good weekend for cheering on men in their underwear. WrestleMania 32 included a few surprises, notably John Cena’s drop-in to save The Rock from The Wyatts. On social media, people shared their Power Puff’d avatars. The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament reached the Final Four with Villanova and North Carolina both winning and heading to the championship game. Oh hey and baseball is back. I guess it must be spring after all. All of this provides the backdrop for this week’s funniest tweets. Please be sure to print these out, laminate them, and organize them in a photo album for future reference.

This week we feature: