Funniest Tweets of the Week

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Funniest Tweets of the Week

Last week was full of headlines that were, for once, not dominated by the presidential election. Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the 20 dollar bill, ushering in a new era of formally recognizing America’s heroes beyond white male politicians. Prince died. One of the most brilliant, eccentric, prolific musicians the world has ever known passed unexpectedly, bringing out love and respect from all corners of the world. Beyoncé released a surprise new album that pretty much confirmed rumors of Jay-Z’s infidelity and proceeded to bodycheck him with a pop album as full of nuance as hooks. And people with too much disposable income and time enjoyed themselves at Coachella and probably took a bunch of molly. I don’t know. So some good things happened, some bad things, but at least it was a little bit of a break of arguing about Trump and Bernie and Hillary. Throughout it all, comedians tweeted. We collected our favorites for you here in this gallery.

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