Funny Or Die Made A 50-Minute Fake Trump Biopic Starring Johnny Depp

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Now that Donald Trump has actually won a state primary election, maybe it’s time to start taking him seriously as a contender for the presidency. Then again, maybe we should just keep mocking him mercilessly. Naturally, Funny or Die is taking the latter route. Today, the website released a 50-minute film called The Art of the Deal: The Movie, starring Johnny Depp as The Donald.

If you combine timeliness with quality, this may be the best parody film ever made. It sports an all-star cast: joining Depp are Patton Oswalt, Ron Howard, Alfred Molina, Jack McBrayer, Michaela Watkins, and Kristen Schaal, among others. It perfectly nails the late ‘80s aesthetic, with a theme song by Kenny Loggins and graphics that would have seemed state-of-the-art and flashy at the time. And the writing itself is typical Funny or Die writing, which is to say it’s hilarious.

It’s rather amazing that this project was kept secret after it finished filming in December. “We had a few people sign nondisclosures, but mostly we just begged people not to say anything,” Owen Burke, Funny or Die’s editor-in-chief, told the New York Times. The result? Maximum impact at the best possible moment.

You can watch the full film here.