Watching Leslie Jones Watch Game of Thrones is the Best Thing You’ll Watch Today

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Last night, Seth Meyers might have had the biggest Game of Thrones fan alive on his show: Leslie Jones, best known for her spot on SNL and her new role as a Ghostbuster.

Meyers introduced her in a special segment, “Game of Jones,” saying that she is a hilarious GoT live tweeter, and that since he missed Sunday’s incredible episode, “The Battle of the Bastards,” he wanted to watch it with Jones’ commentary in real time right beside him.

The clip is eight minutes long, but worth every second. Jones imitates all the mythical creatures with vigorous animation, suggests Lorne Michaels has a dragon and announces her level of sexual attraction to each male character. Meanwhile, Meyers pretty much just laughs his head off the entire time, in typical Seth Meyers fashion.

A special guest makes an appearance about halfway through the clip: another beloved SNL staple, Keenan Thompson. Thompson has never seen GoT, but excitedly recognizes Peter Dinklage from Adam Sandler’s Pixels. He lasts about 30 seconds before mumbling “I don’t wanna watch this,” and leaving, embodying the reaction of any GoT virgin who watches a random 30 seconds of any episode.

Watch the full clip above to enjoy Jones’ excessive enthusiasm in its entirety.

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