Watch Sesame Street's Parody of Game of Thrones in "Game of Chairs"

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Even though it’s finally spring, we all really know that “Winter is coming,” but Sesame Street has its own royal crisis to attend to first. The children’s show parodied HBO’s Game of Thrones in a new parody video, “Game of Chairs,” as the kingdom of Jesteros is in search for a new king and settle the matter with their own take on the battle to claim the Iron Throne, this time played out in a much more kid-appropriate format—with a game of musical chairs.

The procession is moderated by “Neddy,” who calls upon a familiar face in Grover, to read the rules and play the music for the Game of Chairs. However, as Muppet Melisandre proclaims “the monster is blue and full of errors,” Grover continuously botches the game, resulting in a king that perhaps, isn’t the best suited to the position he occupies. The rest of the video follows its more child-friendly environment, complete with an Iron Throne made of golf clubs, instead of dragon-fire melted swords, but still comes with plenty of nudge-nudge/wink-wink inside jokes to those who have been watching the much-more-adult source material, including their version of the series’ award-winning opening title sequence.

Sesame Street has previously parodied other popular television shows and films, such as their Birdman spoof “Big Birdman,” their House of Cards parody “House of Bricks,” and their poke at Sons of Anarchy with “Sons of Poetry.” You can watch “Game of Chairs” in the video player above and prepare for the return of Game of Thrones’ season 5 on HBO on April 12.

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