Westeros Meets Westdale High in an Amazing Game of Thrones/Brady Bunch Mashup

Comedy Video Game Of Thrones
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Like The Brady Bunch, HBO’s Game of Thrones is a show about different households coming together through marriage to form one big family. Unlike The Brady Bunch, the children of this union are primarily interested in screwing each other, both figuratively and physically. Nevertheless, the similarity between the two sibling rivalry-driven series was too striking for Wil Wheaton to ignore, so the geek icon finally brought the Stark and Brady clans together on his show The Wil Wheaton Project.

Naturally, problems pop up like newly animated White Walkers when you try to fit the houses of Westeros into the familiar Brady Bunch title sequence. For instance, even a 7 × 7 grid has room for maybe one percent of the show’s characters. Check it out above, and see conclusive proof that Tommen Baratheon is a total Jan.

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