Go Read The Onion Today

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Go Read The Onion Today

We don’t really have much to add to that headline. If you haven’t taken a look at the main page of The Onion today, go ahead and do so now. Here’s a link. Click it. Let the main page overwhelm you. And then let’s all get serious about making the societal changes necessary to prevent tragedies like the one that happened in Uvalde yesterday.

The Onion runs that same article every time something like this happens, so if you’re familiar with that site you already expected to see that headline today. I didn’t expect to see it repeated over and over, taking up every slot on their main page, with only the specific facts about each tragedy changed. Or for a variety of anti-NRA satire pieces to fill out the rest of the main page. The current Onion is far from its satirical peak, but it’s good to see it can still rise to the occasion when needed.

Yeah, that’s it. Just a quick head’s up to go check out this other website that had a good response to a national tragedy before it gets back to its regularly scheduled comedy.