The Funniest Tweets About Hairspray Live!

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The Funniest Tweets About <i>Hairspray Live!</i>

Last night’s Hairspray Live proved once again a crucial 21st century fact: you can’t stop the tweets. (Well, at least not until the struggling tech company collapses in on itself, taking trillions of tweets with it, at least a dozen of which actually contributed something useful to the world, and restoring countless loss hours of productivity to the workplaces of the world.) NBC’s annual live musical has become a tradition not just for TV and Broadway fans but for comedians and pop culture junkies addicted to shooting their jokes directly to phones around the globe. In the grand tradition of our tweet galleries for The Wiz Live and Fox’s Grease Live, we gathered together the best of the best of those wisecracks and one-liners and shared them with you here today, sparing you the arduous, time-consuming drudgery of finding funny musical-based tweets all on your own. We’re basically a public utility at this point. So grab your phone or tablet or laptop, sink into the most comfortable chair you can find at your home or office, and savor the twenty or so seconds it’ll take to flip through this gallery. And then go thank and follow the tweeters below, who made this all possible.