Hannibal Buress Sent a Body Double to the Spider-Man: Homecoming Premiere

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Hannibal Buress Sent a Body Double to the <i>Spider-Man: Homecoming</i> Premiere

Spider-Man wasn’t the only person at the Spiderman: Homecoming premiere with a mild-mannered alter ego. According to EW, stand-up comedian Hannibal Buress didn’t actually walk the red carpet—instead, he reportedly recruited a body double via social media.

Buress reportedly offered $500—and the opportunity to maybe brush up against Tom Holland—to anybody willing to serve as his doppelgänger. The job fell to actor Joe Carroll, who hit the scene to impersonate the comedian, who plays Coach Wilson in the forthcoming film.

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Sony hasn’t commented on the switch, but Marvel cut all the “Buress sections” of their red carpet video stream. The only thing that might have made the joke better would have been if an angry Buress had stormed the carpet and mock-fought Carroll. Nobody would have known what the hell to do. In fact, it sounds like that would have been a job for Spider-Man himself.

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