Watch Reggie Watts and a Squad of Goblins Dance into Battle in This HarmonQuest Clip

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Watch Reggie Watts and a Squad of Goblins Dance into Battle in This <i>HarmonQuest</i> Clip

I wish I could be like Reggie Watts. And I don’t just say that as a reference to a Kinks song. (That’s only like 98% of the reason I say that.) Reggie Watts seems to have this life thing figured out. He got famous as a comedian just for making sounds into a Line 6 DL4 Delay Modeler Pedal, turning a fairly standard (overpriced) Guitar Center purchase into a cool new comedic identity. From there he got sweet gigs on Comedy Bang Bang and then James Corden’s show, turning himself into a new age Paul Shaffer for fans of “Carpool Karaoke.” He is utterly committed to doing his own unique thing and has become legitimately famous through doing so, meaning he’s pretty much living the dream. Or at least a kind of dream, for a kind of person.

Oh, he also gets to Rhythm Nation dance with a platoon of goblins in the latest episode of Harmonquest.

Watts is the celebrity guest in the latest episode of Dan Harmon’s role-playing game show, which is streaming on VRV as of today. In this clip the animated Watts calls upon his minions to save one of his fellow warriors from a mind-controlled Dan Harmon; Janet Jackson jokes ensue, and trust us, those are the best kind of Jackson family jokes. (Tito, Jermaine and La Toya jokes are played out, and Joe and Michael jokes are too damn depressing. Janet wins by default.)

Check out the clip below and if it strikes your fancy check out the episode on VRV.