Seeso Has Renewed HarmonQuest for Season Two

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HarmonQuest, Dan Harmon’s half-animated, half-live-action, Dungeons & Dragons show, has been renewed for a second season on NBC’s streaming service Seeso.

HarmonQuest stars Harmon as Fondue Zoobag, Erin McGathy as Beur O’Shift, and Jeff Davis as Boneweevil, with Spencer Crittenden acting as their Game Master. Each episode also feature one of Harmon’s comedian friends joining the trio on their high-fantasy adventures, with previous guests including Kumail Nanjiani, Thomas Middleditch, Aubrey Plaza and others.

Harmon said of the renewal, “A lot of people worked very hard on season one of HarmonQuest and I love seeing them rewarded for that because, well, that’s basic behavioral conditioning.”

Evan Shapiro, Executive Vice President of Digital Enterprises at NBCUniversal, said:

HarmonQuest is like no other show, and it’s been a dragon-sized hit for us, with fans clamoring more. So we’re pumped to be answering their call – with never-before-seen Expanded Universe exclusive gameplay NOW and a continuation of Dan and Spencer’s epic that picks up where the season 1 cliffhanger left off.

Aimee Carlson, VP of Development at Universal Cable Productions, said:

We are thrilled to continue the hilarious journey of our unlikely heroes with another season of HarmonQuest. Its unique production hybrid of live-action and animation is like nothing else out there. We look forward to all new adventures and many more laughs with Dan, Spencer and this great group of talent.

The new season will premiere sometime in 2017, but fans will also be treated to some previously unreleased bonus videos and deleted scenes from the first season on Nov. 3.