Watch UCB Comedy's NYPD-Centric Parody of Sia's "Elastic Heart"

Comedy Video Heart
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Remember those bygone days of late December 2014 through mid January 2015? When the New York Police Department started a cold war against New York’s mayor Bill De Blasio, literally turning their backs to him at every opportunity? When Sia released the video for “Elastic Heart”, starring a filthy Shia LaBeouf and feral dance child Maddie Ziegler in an interpretive cagefight? UCB Comedy remembers. UCB Comedy always remembers.

Every Monday the UCB Comedy YouTube channel posts a new video by Pocketwatch that mixes pop culture and politics into two to three minutes of thought-provoking comedy. This week they offer up this parody of “Elastic Heart” that dramatizes the rancor between De Blasio and the NYPD through modern dance. Take a look!