Hillary Clinton Does a Thing on SNL

Comedy Video Hillary Clinton
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Hillary Clinton is running for president, so last night she did what every presidential candidate lucky enough to be invited does and showed up on the comedy show Saturday Night Live. She wasn’t technically playing herself, but instead a mystical barkeep known as Val who gives some great advice to the show’s Hillary Clinton, as played by Kate McKinnon. Like everything in last night’s season premiere, it’s highly debatable if this sketch was actually funny in any way. You can’t argue that Clinton can certainly read a teleprompter, though, or that she really wants voters to shake off the “power-hungry grandma” impression that tends to cling to her. See, she’s cool: she’s in on the joke. Expect to see every other viable candidate desperate to seem younger and hipper pop up on this 40-year-old comedy show over the next 13 months, and for somebody like Trump to actually host once his campaign falls apart.

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