How To with John Wilson Returns in November, and Here's a Trailer

Comedy News How To with John Wilson
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<i>How To with John Wilson</i> Returns in November, and Here's a Trailer

Good news: How To with John Wilson, one of the best shows of 2020, returns to HBO with its second season on Nov. 26. The quietly hilarious, surprisingly poignant look at modern life was the most essential comedy on TV last year, reminding us of how free life was before the pandemic, with creator John Wilson turning his empathetic camera on a number of fascinating people, while also capturing the creeping confusion around Covid’s rise. We can’t recommend it highly enough, and if you have HBO Max it should be the next thing on your watchlist.

The first trailer for season two promises the same documentary-style look at the New York of today. Fittingly, it’s filled entirely with B-roll—shots of people living their lives throughout the city, brushing their hair or popping wheelies in front of Madame Tussauds or dragging wet/dry vacs down the street, intercut with a shot of one uppity sausage link that won’t stop rolling back and forth in a pan. Elsewhere a cat runs off with a bird in its month, while determined people stomp with mattresses or stuffed giraffes in hand. This trailer says nothing specific but speaks volumes to fans of How To and its fly-on-the-wall perspective on the world.

Check out the trailer below, and circle Friday, Nov. 26, on your calendar for the start of season two.